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Client Relations

Our Client Relations representatives strive to exceed the expectations of our clients nationwide. They do an outstanding job of creating and maintaining positive customer service relationships between our clients and our highly motivated and focused workforce.

Our team recognizes that daily interaction and clear communication between our attorneys and staff and your employees is crucial for us to reach our common goals. The responsibility and privilege of our Client Services representatives is to maintain and nourish the bond between our two companies - and it's something we do exceptionally well!

Picture of Brad Luo

Jing Xiong "Brad" Luo

Direct: 713-579-1462

Picture of Debbie Scaglione
Client Relations Team Member

Debbie Scaglione

Direct: 713-579-1474

Picture of Karen Johnston
IT Manager / Client Relations


Direct: 713-579-1320

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Scott R. Valby / Managing Partner

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