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Nationwide Document Preparation

Nationwide Document Preparation

Nationwide Document Preparation: When you have the option of completely customizable loan closing packages for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, does it make good business sense to use a generic one-size-fits-all document preparation company that is going to fill your packages with redundant and unnecessary documents? No, it doesn't! When you do business with Gregg & Valby, LLP, you know that you are getting loan closing packages that your investors will purchase - without question.

Customer service, timeliness, and a sincere desire to exceed expectations on every file are the ingredients of our secret recipe for keeping our clients happy. What convinced them to become Gregg & Valby clients? Our reputation for excellence in providing compliant documents and maintaining high levels of customer service! With more than forty years of experience creating and reviewing compliant residential mortgage documents and more than 1,000,000 loan closing packages with virtually no mistakes, we want and deserve your trust. We want your business!


Document Preparation: The Firm has represented financial institutions and mortgage lenders in nationwide legal and regulatory compliance matters since 1977. In 1990, the Firm began to create its own library of nationwide forms using a third party document preparation software. In 2005, combining our deep legal and compliance experience with our significant information technology and software development capabilities, the Firm began to develop GVDocs, our own nationwide document preparation software.

GVDocs is a full-featured document preparation system that is highly customizable and user friendly. GVDocs was created by utilizing the latest in software and hardware, including Microsoft, WFC, and LINQ; Telerik AJAX controls; Web Services; SQL Server; VMWare; Clustering; Replication; and SAN technologies.

GVDocs is readily adaptable to meet the client's needs in all respects, including electronic interfaces with a client's loan origination system. We are able to customize all documents to the client's specifications and create an electronic workflow and delivery of the documents to the settlement agent. Depending upon volumes, these services can be provided centrally in our offices or remotely in our client’s offices with their employees or our employees. Sample closing packages are available upon request. Features include:

  • Seamless LOS integration
  • Streamlined document preparation workflow using dynamic screen flow and automated user efficiencies
  • Complete catalogue of loan programs, including fixed rates, ARMs, balloons, and more
  • Compliant data calculation and document catalogue
  • Automated compliance safeguards and auditing systems
  • Customized form sets for initial disclosures, closing packages, warehouse deliveries, etc.
  • Extensive rules-based customizable options
  • Document page flow matches to loan data and eliminates document errors common to grid-based systems
  • Secure delivery options
  • Scalable to meet any customer volume

The use of GVDocs reduces or in some instances eliminates the need for manual data entry by transferring the data directly from the loan origination system. Unlike other systems that use static coordinate-based form libraries, GVDocs merges the loan data with dynamic document templates to create full form flow formatting and pagination. GVDocs generates fully compliant forms for all types of loan programs and modifications, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA, VA, and private banking products; federal and state disclosures; and investor-required documentation. Other features include automatic alerts and triggers to notify borrowers and settlement agents of document availability.

GVDocs is supported by an in-house staff of attorneys and compliance and technology professionals. The technological infrastructure is maintained in two geographically diverse SAS 70 Type II compliant data centers. The technology platform, which maintains compliance with state and local regulations across the mortgage, consumer, and commercial channels, supports document preparation for any financial transaction, including first mortgages, second mortgages, HELOCs, loan modifications, and short sales. The incorporation of GVDocs into an existing mortgage lending workflow is intended to allow for a streamlined implementation and result in fewer to non-existent document-related problems and compliance issues and increased client satisfaction.

Loan Modifications

Is there any part of your business that you find so aggravating that you wish someone else would do it? One of our clients found that to be the case and decided to outsource the nationwide modification of one-time close construction loans.

We created a custom interface to capture the necessary data, developed and programmed the appropriate forms and permanent loan products, and trained a team to handle all aspects of the process from communicating with the borrowers to delivering the recorded modifications to our clients – all on a private label basis! We can do the same for you!

Call today and find out how our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and staff can save your company both time and money.